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Meet Your Retreat Guides
and Founders of Self-Love Retreats

Lisa Lopez Owner  Live Happy Life Coaching Co-founder, Self-Love Retreats

Lisa Lopez

Entrepreneur, Live Happy Coaching and
Co Founder of Self-Love Retreats

My journey began nearly 10 years ago. At age 15, my son was sitting in a jail cell; my family and life, as I knew it, were falling apart. I barely recognized the person my son had become. The eyes that used to light up when they saw me, now looked through me. Every word out of his mouth was a lie. He was angry, destructive, and out of control. I remember the sheer panic I felt when the phone rang. Was it the school? Was it the authorities? Was my child dead? I was shrouded in shame and defeat; how did I fail…where had I gone wrong?


At that time, little did I know that what felt like the end of my world, would actually save my life….and my family. Through the Life Coaching I received, I was able to recognize the life I was living was not the life I deserved. For the first time, I learned to forgive and to love myself again. I began to see I was not powerless and I was not alone. The skills I learned were a catalyst to living the life I celebrate and love today.​

It was then that I made a promise to one day become a Life Coach focused on helping other people find their happiness – just like me.


Let me listen to your story; I can share mine. You have a safe place to heal, and to find your voice. I am humble, grateful, and ready to serve. My only desire is to share with you and others the tools and the knowledge that have been graciously shared with me.

Read more about Lisa Lopez, and visit Live Happy Coaching 

Cheryl Bailey Owner  Grit & Grace Meditation, LLC  Co-founder, Self-Love Retreats  Spiritual Life Designer Coach

Cheryl Bailey

Solopreneur of Grit and Grace Meditation, LLC and

Co-Founder of Self-Love Retreats

Cheryl Bailey’s passion in the holistic and wellness field began years ago after personally facing several traumatic and life-altering events. She found a sense of purpose and meaning through the practice of yoga and meditation as these teachings served as an anchor and healing modality creating a deep and radical shift for her spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This shift in perspective has inspired her to share with others what she discovered. 


Over the years her interests have expanded her practices to include Sound healing, Reiki and becoming a Certified Crystal Practitioner. One of her deepest passions is working with sound as vibrational medicine, knowing that sound promotes deep relaxation and has the power to create, move and shift energy. 

In 2019, she founded Grit and Grace Meditation, LLC and began the journey of a soulpreneur while living in New Jersey. Then in 2020, when the world was experiencing a pause in life due to the pandemic, Cheryl moved to Sedona, Arizona. This perfect divine alignment allowed her to blossom and grow beyond her wildest expectations. It was here that she called to become a Sound Practitioner which has forever transformed her life.


Her journey to living her best life and stepping into her truest self is constantly evolving and growing. She fulfilled her dream of becoming a Life Coach in December 2023 when she became a Certified Life Designer Coach. "The journey of life doesn’t come with a roadmap, and we all experience twists and turns, highs and lows, and there is never a perfect outcome." The work she has personally done with coaches over the years has been life-altering, and she truly enjoys holding space and co-creating with other women on that same level.

Read more about Cheryl Bailey, and visit Grit and Grace Meditation 

Self-love Retreats Facilitators & Owners
Self-love Retreats Facilitators & Owners
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