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Learn How to Create Crystal Grids with Cheryl!

Updated: 5 days ago

Do you know how to create your own crystal grid and activate it? Let me share with you the one I have set up in my home to bring in abundant love.

Rose Quartz

I used rose quartz for the center stone, and amethyst, aventurine and quartz points for the outer stones. If you'd like to treat yourself to other stone combinations, you can check out the ones at Grit and Grace Meditation here!

Rose Quartz - Stone of love and compassion, good for forgiveness, romance and relationships

Amethyst - Stone of Spiritual protection and purification; inspires divine love; transmutes negative energies; stimulates the third eye

Aventurine - Stone of Optimism; heals the heart; calms and soothes emotions

Clear Quartz - Stone of Consciousness; master healer; elevates and amplifies energies; harmonizes with all other stones

Are you curious about crystal grids? I was too... and my curiosity took me on a journey. Allow me to provide you with a little lesson to help you along so you can make a your own beautiful grid. 

Green Aventurine

Years ago when I began my journey with crystal alchemy bowls, it wasn't too long after that I began working with crystals too. It made sense. I had singing bowls that had crystals, gemstones and earthly substances infused in them. I wanted to know and understand more about the crystals, and their spiritual meanings and how to work with them. Since then, I completed my certification with the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Academy, and goodness have I learned a lot! Now I love creating crystal grids for all different reasons. 

You can create grids for just about any intention….

  • Love

  • Transformation

  • Healing

  • Peace and compassion

  • Connection to higher states of consciousness

  • Abundance and prosperity

  • New beginnings And so much more!


Next, it's time to create your grid.

  1. Find your sacred space where you will set up your grid.

  2. Smudge to cleanse and purify that area to rid it of any negative energies and restore the positive vibes. Smudge the stones too. You can use sage or palo santo.

  3. Write your personal intention of what you wish to manifest (I usually write this on paper and this gets placed under my center stone).

  4. Select your specific stones and make sure you have a beautiful center stone.

  5. Choose your surrounding stones depending on the theme and intention for your grid. You can do this by simply researching a little information about the crystals you are choosing to use. 

  6. Add any personal items to your grid to make it extra special such as candles, flower petals, sea shells, etc.

  7. Activate your grid using a clear quartz point. Connect and direct your energies into the grid. Touch the center stone and then each stone in the grid and silently state your intention while doing so. 

  8. Seek guidance and blessings as you leave your grid to manifest your intentions.

  9. Leave the grid up in your sacred space for as long as you like. Refresh it about every 30 days. Be sure to revisit your grid often and refresh it through the power of meditation!

Clear Quartz

Happy gridding! Enjoy the experience and connect with me on social media to share your grid with me. 

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